Mauro Piva

The tall one
I'm a computer science student at La Sapienza, Rome. In my free time I get fun turning strange projects in even stranger startup. With even more strange people.

You can find me at ūüôā

Amazing places where I've been

  • Jam Citt√† di Fondazione January 2017 - Colleferro(RM, Italy)

    Presenting MetaCities, an innovative way to discover our "Città di Fondazione". Winner of the 1st prize, awarded by BIC Lazio and Regione Lazio.

  • International Hackathon BNP Grand Finale December 2016 -¬†Paris

    Presenting a special version of TalkForce, realized in collaboration with Findomestic and Euronics Bruno Gioia Tauro.

  • WebSummit November 2016 -¬†Lisbon

    As prize for the PosteHack 2016

  • MobiCom October¬†2016 - New York

    Presenting JoyTag, a really special gamepad on which I've been working on during my bachelor thesis:

  • UniCredit DemoDay July 2016 - Milan

    Talking about TalkForce, winning the Tech Prize and the Third general prize. They talk about us: Sole24ore, Focus, BiMag, our article.

  • PosteHack July 2016 - Rome

    Presenting and working on a special version of TalkForce. Winner of the 1st prize! Our article.

  • International Hackathon BNP Paribas June¬†2016 - Rome

    Working on a special version of TalkForce: improving the customer journey during an in-store purchase. Winner of the 1st prize and the opportunity to present at the world final in Paris in December 2016. Our article.

  • MobiHack Toscana January 2016 - Florence

    Creating Virtuosa, a smart computer vision software pluggable to existing surveillance cameras able to detect faces and create security and cohort analysis. Our article. Winner of the 1st prize.

  • UniCredit Appathon December 2015 - Milan

    Presenting the first social network for small-medium investors. Our article.

  • Mobicom September 2015 - Paris

  • WWW conference June 2015 - Florence

    As prize for the great results of Family Parking: a project developed during  the Google Workshop "Google Technologies for Cloud and Web Development".