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TalkForce Engine

A Java powered agent able to understand users intentions, obtain all the informations needed and execute the user intention.

  • Three steps

    Will bring the user from his question to the requested objective:

  • Intention Detection

    TalkForce undersands the users questions with a proprietary algorithm based on the latest paper on information retrival and NLP.

  • Complete the intention

    If the detected intention requires unknown informations, the agent will ask them to the user.

  • Executing the action

    Obtained all the required informations, the agent will complete the user required action, giving a feedback to the user.

Seven subsidiary agents

Acts as interface between the TalkForce agent and the users.

Agent A: Web

Available for websites, uses websockets and html5

Agent B: Messenger

Based on Facebook API, allows TalkForce to chat as pages

Agent C: Twitter

The agent can answer to public post and Direct Messages

Agent D: Telegram

Using the inline function, the user is able to send money in a normal chat

Agent E: Skype

The user, using skype, will be able to chat and call TalkForce

Agent F: SMS

TalkForce can send and receive SMS. SMS can be used also as security layer

Agent G: Call

TalkForce can call, and using TTS and STT interact with users.

And much more arriving!

Using APIs TalkForce can communicate with every platform. Who will be the next?

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